The McKeever Environmental Learning Center’s student internship program provides a unique experience for students who are earning or have earned a degree in elementary education, environmental education, early childhood education or biology/science education.

Interns spend eight (8) weeks of a semester at the McKeever Environmental Learning Center.  During this time, interns work closely as a team in teaching the environmental education programs.  After intensive training, interns are given the opportunity to work with as many as 10-15 school districts.  These schools represent many areas throughout western Pennsylvania, including rural, suburban, and urban settings.

Each intern is assigned to an Environmental Educator (cooperating teacher) from the McKeever staff and a university supervisor from their respective university.  During the eight-week experience, each intern is observed by the cooperating teacher and university supervisor where direct feedback is given on their teaching performance.

Student teachers and interns from various universities comprise the teaching team.  Different programs are offered throughout the year depending on the season.  During the fall semester and the first half of the spring semester, the 2-1/2 day Earthkeepers program is implemented.  During The second half of the spring semester, the 5-day Sunship Earth program is offered.

In addition to these programs,interns have the opportunity to be leaders in the center’s day programs, teaching environmental activities from many curricula including Project Learning Tree (PLT), Outdoor Biological Instructional Strategies (OBIS) and Sharing Nature with Children.

While interning at the McKeever Environmental Learning Center, you will receive free lodging and approximately 60% of their meals.  You have access to a fully equipped kitchen, furnished living room and washer and dryer.   Computers with Internet access are available for your use.

If you are enthusiastic, enjoy being outdoors and love working with children, then consider an internship at the McKeever Environmental Learning Center.

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