Sandy Creek Conservancy

The Sandy Creek Conservancy (SCC) was established in 1959 to help solve the problems of two small towns (Sandy Lake and Stoneboro) in Northwestern Pennsylvania. Periodic flooding of Sandy Creek was ended in 1971 when the flood gates closed creating Lake Wilhelm. Symbolic of the results of a dedicated group of people can achieve, the lake represents the Conservancy’s success in coordinating 17 agencies over a decade. Soil Conservationist, Ivan McKeever had a dream of a learning center where people could gather to share ideas, examine alternatives and plan responsibility for the future. After the completion of their project, Ivan approached the Sandy Creek Conservancy with this dream. Ivan’s dream became a reality when the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania created the McKeever Environmental Learning Center in 1974.


Sandy Creek Conservancy’s Mission

The Sandy Creek Conservancy is a non-profit organization directed by local people and dedicated to environmental concerns, including educational efforts, productive land uses, careful recreation planning and sound land management practices.

Conservancy Projects

  • Awards scholarships for McKeever’s Outstanding Student Teachers of the Year
  • Provides scholarships for elementary students who participate in summer programs at the McKeever Center
  • Monitors activities within the Sandy Creek Watershed


Sandy Creek Watershed

Sandy Creek begins near Porters Corners in Crawford County and flows for 41 miles near Bully Hill in Venango County where it drains into the Allegheny River.

The stream was named by George Washington, who in 1753 journeyed over the Venango Path, an Indian Trail, from Fort Pitt to Fort Le Boeuf to warn the French against further penetration of the Ohio Valley. In his report, Washington tells of crossing Sandy Creek a few miles southwest of Venango, where the village of Polk is located.

The Conservancy’s efforts lie within the Sandy Creek Watershed. It’s purpose is to preserve natural resources, protect wildlife, conserve soils and promote recreational areas.

Sandy Creek Conservancy Membership

By joining the Sandy Creek Conservancy, you can help in the Conservancy’s efforts of conservation, preservation, and education within the Sandy Creek Watershed.

To join, print out this form, fill it out completly, and send it along with a check (made payable to Sandy Creek Conservancy) to the address below.

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