The McKeever Center has many trails that wind through the beauty of the 205 acres of the McKeever Environmental Learning Center’s property.  Below is a map of the McKeever Environmental Learning Center and its trails.  Click on the map to see a larger version.


Woodland Tapestry Trail

A 1-mile path that meanders through several types of forests to McCutcheon Run and Rocky Basin, a former recreation area, and to a small waterfall surrounded by hemlocks.  All trails, except McCutcheon Overlook, begin and end on the Woodland Tapestry Trail.


Leisure Link Trail

An easy 1/3-mile stroll through cool woods and along McCutcheon Run.  The walk will take about 20 minutes.  This trail incorporates portions of the McCutcheon Overlook and Woodland Tapestry Trails.


Historical Trail

A 1-mile path off Woodland Tapestry that leads past an old coal mine and foundations of a farm homestead, and through Rocky Basin, a former recreation area.  This trail traverses young forests and winds through a hemlock ravine, past a small waterfall.


Goddard-McKeever Trail

This 1 1/4-mile trail leads to Goddard State Park and Lake Wilhelm dam. After leaving McKeever property, traversing a swamp, crossing a paved road, and walking a short distance, the trail splits.  Both paths lead to the dam.  Straight ahead is shorter and steeper, while a turn to the left follows less severe grades and includes a view of Lake Wilhelm.


Trail to McCutcheon Outlook

A short 100-yard walk from the Discovery Building to a point overlooking McCutcheon Run. Benches at the end offer you a chance to relax and enjoy the scenery.


Trail Guidelines

Please help us preserve the Center’s beauty by observing these guidelines:

  • The trails are open to the public seven days a week from sunrise to sunset. Organized groups of ten or more must register by calling the Center at least one week in advance to avoid conflict with scheduled programs.
  • In accordance with the State laws, ALL alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are prohibited in all areas.
  • Protect our plants and animals by staying on the trails. Collecting of any kind is prohibited.
  • Open fires are prohibited on the property at all times.
  • For the safety and enjoyment of our visitors, hunting, fishing, and trapping are prohibited on the Center’s property.
  • Motorized vehicles, bicycles, skateboards and rollerblades are restricted to the parking lot of the Center. Mini-bikes, snowmobiles and ATV’s are prohibited anywhere on the property. Please limit parking to areas designated for that purpose. Motorized vehicles must not exceed 15 miles per hour on roadway within the Center.
  • Dogs, cats, horses, and other pets, excluding service dogs, are prohibited on the Center’s property.
  • Picnicking and camping are prohibited on the property unless scheduled by a group renting the facility.

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