Earthkeepers Summer Camp

Earthkeepers Keys | Summer CampA mysterious, unseen character known as E.M. permeates the Earthkeepers program. As the keeper of the keys, E.M. is everyone’s dream of the wizard of the woods. Becoming an Earthkeepers is an important task and each learner is rewarded after each step with a special key. These keys open real locks on boxes that contain secret meanings about the true nature of E.M.

As the learners earn four keys for their keyrings, they not only discover how life functions ecologically on the earth, they find out how they are a part of our environmental problems and their solutions.


Highlights of Earthkeepers Summer Camp

  • Become a Munch Line Monitor; following specks through the great cycles of air, water and soil; meet
    the Connector Inspector and learn how everything is connected in the natural world; and dig up buried
    time capsules to learn how a place has changed over time.
  • Follow E.M.’s footsteps by using E.M.’s map and diary; become an actor in a play called ‘Seasons’ and
    use your senses to explore the natural world.
  • Other special experiences include a night hike, campfire, participating in recreational activities such as
    basketball and volleyball and hiking to Rocky Basin.


**Scholarships are available through the Richard Freni Memorial Scholarship Fund and the Sandy Creek Conservancy.

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