Where Energy Comes From

McKeever Environmental Learning Center is offering a one-day (in school) program that focuses on energy and materials used in your school. This 3-hour program will lead into countless extension related topics for your students.

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The program includes:

  • Presentation on the formation of fossil fuels,
  • Types of fossil fuels and byproducts of their use,
  • Examination of energy and materials in your lunches,
  • Role of Recycling and Landfills,
  • And introduction of worms as composers.

This program addresses the following standards for Environment and Ecology

Renewable and Nonrenewable Resources

  • Fossil Fuels
  • Water Cycle
  • Recycling

Humans and the Environment

  • Importance of natural resources in daily life
  • Identify items used that come from natural resources
  • Identify ways to conserve natural resources


Get details and schedule.

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