School Program Testimonials

As a student teacher, this placement was by far the most self-fulfilling experience I have had thus far. I had a difficult time adjusting to the awkwardness and vulnerability of teaching in ‘someone else’s’ classroom (cooperating teacher), while out here, I felt as if I had MY OWN CLASSROOM and the freedom to work on developing and perfecting my own style of teaching. I don’t believe you can have such a valuable experience anywhere else.

- Kate Schoeck, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

Aaaahh! McKeever! Such a magical place! I think of McKeever often and all it meant and still means to me. In the depths of Hemlock Hollow and the other trails is where I learned most about the environment, teaching, friendships, the magic of nature and most importantly-my spirit! If you ever have a chance to visit and experience the wonders of the Center-make it a priority. You’ll be glad you did.

- Jessica Bair, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Today we began our actual training. Until this time, Sunship Earth was only words on a page and ideas in my head. But today I became a leprechaun, a giant, and a bug! We were crawling, smelling, and listening to the abundant life forms around us. Until today, I had never really smelled dirt or listened to a tree.

- Patrick Falsetti, California University of Pennsylvania

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