Mission Statement

Realizing that we have a responsibility for the world in which future generations will live, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania created the McKeever Center in 1974. The McKeever Center is a public service institute of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.

Our general mission is to guide individuals toward developing and maintaining a sustainable relationship between themselves and the natural world in his/her workplace, residence and recreation. McKeever’s residential campus provides a unique educational setting for experiencing and exploring personal connections and the impact it has on the natural world.



  1. Teacher Education
    Provide opportunities for in-service teachers to experience interdisciplinary curricula in environmental education resources, programs, workshops and a model school for environmental education research.
  2. Undergraduate Education
    Create opportunities for student teachers to develop teaching skills and provide a setting for training and supervising undergraduates in reaching standards set by each university.
  3. Basic Education
    Collaborate with schools in Pennsylvania by providing a variety of environmental education programs for grades one through twelve.
  4. Public Service and Continuing Education
    Offer environmentally related workshops, events, conferences and seminars for the general public and special interest groups. Make facilities available for rental to the general public.
  5. Research and Graduate Education
    Provide a site for environmental research and development of environmental education programs.
  6. Sustainable Practices
    Strive to model practices that minimize consumption and maximize use of energy and materials.

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